Case Studies

Gerresheimer- Case Study: Global Manufacturer of pharmaceutical packaging, strategically situated in Chicago Heights to not only draw from the local workforce, but to be a responsible corporate partner in a business-friendly community.

Wilkins Rebuilders – Case Study:  Chicago Heights a good fit to raise a family and for business growth.

Pita Pan – Case Study:  Leading bakery in North America.  Company moved from Chicago to Chicago Heights for a less congested, yet ease of access to major transportation systems, and also a good place to raise their family.
Senior Lifestyle – Case Study:  Taking advantage of a variety of business incentives, the Senior Center was able to be developed into a state-of-the-art facility.
Zoetis – Case Study:  The strategic location to many transportation systems allows Zoetis to distribute to its customers in over 130 countries.  Also, two of the key raw materials are geographically available.
FH Ayer Manufacturing – Case Study:  Headquartered in Chicago heights for over 100 years.  The availability of raw material, access to transportation, and customers is why FH Aver Manufacturing has made Chicago Heights their home for over a century.